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Managed Services

As a managed hosting customer, you need someone whose primary focus is on supporting you in a way that suits your business. We offer a range of management services across the whole infrastructure stack, supporting businesses of all sizes. When you choose Pappaya Cloud, you’ll be allocated an Account Manager and a team of technical engineers to work on your account. It’s this personal touch that keeps our customers happy. Have a look below to see the different types of managed services we offer

Why Choose Pappaya Cloud For Your Managed Services


All our solutions are fully managed. We offer optional add-ons to enhance the management of your infrastructure.


We understand that security is foundational to ensuring an effective, reliable solution, and therefore should play a key role in the design of your solution.


Superior, Scalable 100% Uptime Network. Pappaya Cloud delivers the best network performance in the industry.


We host a range of web technologies on our cloud platforms, with our expert staff on hand to assist with whatever you need. 24/7/365.


You need someone who takes time to listen to your needs in order to architect solutions that suit your business. Our teams work with transparency to analyse your existing platforms and solutions to identify key issues and understand any system interdependencies.

All of our hosting solutions are tailor-made. We offer consultation for general hosting requirements as well as disaster recovery, offsite back-ups etc. Our offerings are scalable. This ensures that you’re only paying for the services that you require.


Migrating all of your data to a new host can often seem like the most daunting part of signing up with a new service. We aim to make it as straightforward as possible.

We offer free migration for clients to Pappaya Cloud servers – a service that most hosts will charge a substantial fee for.

High-level migration plan:

  1. Initial data dump, migrate all the website code and databases to new servers
  2. Get the website up and working on the new servers
  3. Test the site/software to make sure it all works
  4. Create a holding page to put up when doing the final database migration
  5. Set the DNS TTL for 30 seconds (or the lowest you can set it)
  6. Create a final maintenance window (can be anytime) in which to do the final DB dump
  7. Put up the holding page to freeze the database then do the final DB migration
  8. Check the database has migrated properly with no corruption
  9. Re-point the DNS to the new servers
  10. Website/software will then have been migrated

Manage, Monitor and Optimise

At Pappaya Cloud, we don’t just put together solutions – we consult and manage them on a continuous basis. We work with you as much as you need, in all aspects of infrastructure design and setup.

Our Account Management team follows your journey to identify any issues that could occur with performance. We’ll support you as your business grows. The right solution isn’t always about throwing more resource at it; it’s about optimising the infrastructure to work with any given application.

Various areas of optimisation that we work on: web caching, DB caching and code optimisation.

We’re also very aware that requirements change over time – the solution needs to be able to reflect you needs for the platform to run seamlessly for you.

Do You Have Questions?

Contact one of our friendly technical advisors now. Our team is available 24×7 via live chat and is ready to answer any questions.