SFTP Hosting

As concerns about privacy and confidentiality increase, implementing a reliable method for the secure transfer of data (SFTP) has become a critical business process. Our reliable, cloud-based, fully managed SFTP hosting services are designed for business use. We make it easy to securely send, receive & store your valuable company data. 100% UK based.

How does it work?

Developed by our in-house development team, we offer an SFTP administration desktop client solution which runs on a fully managed Windows cloud server dedicated to each client.

This ensures no noisy neighbours or security issues caused by sharing SAAS based solutions. All data is stored in the UK in our ultra secure datacentres. The solution includes a web GUI available for your users to upload and download files. Users can also use their favourite SFTP client to upload and download files.

Each server is offered with a managed firewall and 7 day backups.



Secure transfer of data using FTPS, SFTP & HTTPS. High AES 256 bit data encryption with public key advanced authentication.


Hosted on our high availability cloud, all solutions guarantee consistent super-fast performance and rock-solid reliability.


Our secure transfer plans have no file size limits or bandwidth charges, and provide an unlimited number of file transfers.


Secure transfer of data via web browser, client software and script components. Transfer files securely using FTPS, SFTP or HTTPS.


Configure Secure FTP plans with a virtually endless set of user access rights such as upload, download, delete and overwrite.



Additional Secure FTP Features

  • Use Your Own Branding. Brand the web interface with your company logo and corporate colours to ensure a professional appearance. Advanced branding also available.
  • Dedicated IP with Custom Domain. Dedicated IP support allows you to use your own domain to connect to your Secure FTP solution, for example http://sftp.yourcompany.com.
  • Standards Compliant. Plans adhere to the data protection act, meet all requirements for HIPAA & FIPS compliance and will pass PCI DSS scans. Pappaya Cloud  is fully ISO 27001 certified.
  • Advanced Authentication. Prevent unauthorised data access by adding Private/Public Key authentication to any Secure FTP solution.
  • Comprehensive Logging & Tracking. Comprehensive logging, tracking and reporting is available for access investigation and analysis. Logs can be exported to Excel spreadsheet.
  • Managed Backups. Fully managed backups with unlimited restores are included with all standard solutions. Advanced backup schedules are available for dedicated server solutions.
  • Automated Notifications. Configure your own email notifications to be sent when specified events are triggered, such as completed file transfers into a given folder.
  • 24x7x365 Support. All calls are routed directly through to our expert support teams. ‘Extra Mile’ is our commitment to go a step further to assist our clients. Support is available each and every day of the year.


Public key authentication is a secure way to prove identity online, and is a vital part of information security technology for many companies.

Public key authentication uses computer generated numbers called ‘keys’. Two keys are required – a ‘private key’ known only to you, and a ‘public key’ that can be accessed by anyone. The two keys work together, so a message encrypted with the private key can only be decrypted with the public key and vice versa.

As well as needing the correct username and password, public-key authentication requires that the user must also connect using the specific computer that the private key is installed on or authentication will fail. All Secure FTP hosting solutions from Pappaya Cloud support public-key authentication to provide this additional layer of security.

Secure FTP Compatible Protocols

Our Secure FTP solutions are compatible with the following protocols using the ports listed. Port 21 (FTP) & Port 80 (HTTP) are blocked by default at both server and firewall level to prevent unsecured access.

FTPSFTP over SSLPort 990
SFTPSSH File Transfer Protocol/FTP over SSHPort 22
HTTPSSSL/Secure File Transfer via Web BrowserPort 443

SFTP Transfer Process Examples

There are two mains methods of transferring data securely; HTTPS using any recent web browser or SFTP/FTPS using software such as FileZilla or CuteFTP. The processes for both methods are described below.

Secure transfer using HTTPS
Using a web browser

  • A user hits a web page on a secure channel over SSL (port 443) and logs in with their username and password;
  • The browser loads the transfer client interface; the user can see all folders and files on the server in a simple easy-to-use web page;
  • The user clicks ‘upload’ and browses the local machine for a file to upload (multiple files can be uploaded at one time). The web page then uploads the file(s) over the secure channel to the server;
  • The file is stored on the server file system ready to be downloaded. The user clicks on a file and it is downloaded via the secure channel.



Secure transfer using SFTP/FTPS
Using software e.g. FIleZilla or CuteFTP

  • A user launches their SFTP client software and logs in using their username and password;
  • The software usually displays 2 panels; the left panel displays all files on the local machine, the right window displays all files on the server (restricted to the user’s account);
  • The user drags the file they want to send from the left window (user’s computer) across to the right window (SFTP server). The client software uploads the file(s) securely to the server over SFTP port 22 or FTPS port 990;  
  • The file(s) are stored on the server file system ready for download (using the same process).

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