Pappaya Cloud offers more than just cloud solutions

Pappaya Cloud offers more than just cloud solutions

According to a report from Flexera, 94% of enterprises use the cloud. Cloud computing has gained a formidable position in the business world to transform a business to become more agile, reduce costs, and enable faster innovation. As different cloud options such as public and private cloud options take precedence, switching to cloud-based infrastructure has become imminent. With 84% of enterprises running on a multi-cloud strategy, the cloud-driven future is gaining momentum as it offers stability, improves security, and reduces redundancy.

Businesses in different industries of every size, from startups, enterprises to large organizations, are investing in the cloud for the variety of advantages they offer. However, a question holds — choosing the right cloud solution. Top players in the market such as AWS, Microsoft are known for their features and functionalities, yet the cost of adoption is high for businesses looking to customize.  

Understanding the need of the hour, Pappaya Cloud offers a range of highly automated and scalable cloud solutions. As a holistic cloud partner, our offerings include a range of solutions from infrastructure capabilities such as cloud hosting, DevOps, storage, data services, InfraSecurity, cloud console, and analytics. With over 10 data centers worldwide, Pappaya Cloud services more than 15 million global users for IAAS, DRaaS, DBaaS, networking, platform, and server management. These services are provided in a fully secure and highly available environment with 24/7/365 support at a cost considered to be 30% less than the other competitors in the market.

Deep diving further into the comparison of Pappaya Cloud solutions with AWS, take a look at the chart showcasing the advantages of adopting Pappaya Cloud in terms of cost, usability, customization, and migration service offerings. 

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