Why use Pappaya Cloud for Magento Cloud Hosting?

Do you need high performance Magento cloud hosting? Our fast and reliable VMware based platform gives your business just that. We’re experts in performance tuning for demanding sites and ensure online safety with advanced security features.

What's included with Pappaya Cloud Magento Cloud Hosting

Are you experiencing performance issues with Magento?

Providing visitors with a fast and reliable shopping experience is essential for a successful business. Magento sites can often struggle under high volumes of traffic, which can cause many shoppers to abandon their purchases in frustration and you’ll lose their business.
Pappaya Cloud run Magento on our VMware cloud hosting platform. Our platform is enterprise-grade. It uses HP BladeSystem infrastructure and lightning fast 3PAR storage arrays, which hugely improve page load speeds. This makes your site faster for your users. Faster = better. We also have a 100% uptime guarantee on our servers. This ensures your Magento site will run with seamless continuity should a failure occur.

Pappaya Cloud are Magento specialists. Our UK based support team can fix any Magento performance issues and deal with traffic spikes and performance issues with our 20-minute rapid response rate. Our Magento hosting provides businesses with a resilient, fast and fully managed service.

Protecting your valuable data

Security is a vital aspect of online business. By hosting Magento on Pappaya Cloud’s cloud platform, users can rely on advanced security features such a PCI-DSS ISO 27001 certifications, physical Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and DDoS defence solutions.

What is Magento?

Magento is the largest online open source eCommerce web application. It enables shop owners to build and maintain their online shops with minimum effort and no setup fees.
Magento offers flexible solutions that are tailored to individual business needs, from small companies to multinational businesses. Users benefit not only from unlimited product listings and customised design but also from inbuilt SEO metrics, marketing tools, payment processing and order management.

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