Managed Cloud with VMware

Our fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud delivers high performance, reliability and scalability that out-performs the competition. Pappaya Cloud is the first UK cloud hosting provider to offer DDoS defence built in and a 100GB network . Our UK based team have a passion for technology and always go the Extra Mile.

Our cloud is built on HPE BladeSystems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays. Our cloud runs on VMware, offering high availability on all virtual machines with a 99.999% SLA. All solutions are fully managed by us and can be set up to run across multiple data centres for disaster recovery


Reduce Server Downtime

VMware HA ensures high availability on all Pappaya Cloud servers. VMware HA would automatically reboot onto other production severs that had spare capacity in the event of a server or OS failure.

Zero Downtime Maintenance

VMware vMotion technology enables the live migration of virtual machines between physical servers without any downtime.

Improve Server Performance

VMware DRS (Distributed Resources Scheduler) constantly monitors resource utilisation across servers and intelligently allocates available resources.

Managing Power Consumption

VMware DPM (Distributed Power Management) is a tool that constantly optimises power consumption in the data centre by powering up and down hosts. A system running DPM is energy efficient and allows us to reduce power consumption.

VMware Partners

Being a VMware partner means that we have access to all training materials and VMware software including vCloud Director.

Enterprise Power

We can offer up to 40CPU cores and 512GB RAM on every cloud server, thanks to our VMware enterprise plus licensing.

Features & Benefits of Managed Cloud

Security is foundational to ensuring an effective, reliable solution and plays a key role in the design of our cloud platform. An extensive suite of premium security features is available to protect your valuable company data.

DDS (DDoS Defence System)

Pappaya Cloud’s DDS stops floods and large amounts of unwanted connections. Performed in real time, the DDS has no affect on site performance.

VMware Firewalls

Our network team fully manage all VMware firewalls for you, for extra security.

VLAN Segregation

VLANs segregate our client’s networks. They stop any unauthorised client-to-client server access.

Standards Compliant

Our cloud is compliant with the data protection act, passes PCI scans and meets all requirements for HIPAA & FIPS compliance.

ISO 27001 Certified

Pappaya Cloud  keep very high levels of information security with our ISO 27001 accreditation.


Our cloud complies with all PCI DSS requirements. We can also work with PCI authorities to help our clients to become PCI certified.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs provide an extra layer of security over an encrypted connection. They can be set up between our data centre and your office or PC. Ports are closed in order to provide protection from hackers.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL certificates encrypt data and protect your customers from hackers and identity thieves.


Our anti-virus and malware protects without causing any extra work or affecting system performance.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

Pappaya Cloud  IPS blocks any harmful or unwanted network activity. It ensures that good network traffic is allowed in and protects from attacks such as SQL injection and cross site scripting.

Reliability is a key component of our UK cloud hosting offering. After all, super-fast server performance counts for nothing unless the server is available. Our ‘no-compromise’ approach to cloud architecture design ensures system availability at all times.

No Single Point of Failure

Our cloud has a ‘no single point of failure’ platform design, for business continuity.

VMware Based

Our cloud runs on VMware, the most reliable virtualisation software. Enterprise VMware features include HA, vMotion and DRS. This makes our cloud platform run 24/7.

Advanced Backups

Our standard backups provide weekly full and daily incremental backups. They have a 7 day retention, and unique backup schedules are available on request.

Resilient Data Centre Connectivity

Global Switch peers with multiple bandwidth providers to offer great connectivity.

High Availability (HA)

Our load balancers and firewalls are configured in HA mode. Config settings are mirrored & synchronised, providing seamless 99.999% uptime in the event of a device failure.

Fault-tolerant Storage Systems

We use RAID 5 Storage Area Networks (SANs). Our storage systems would be able to withstand the simultaneous failure of 2 disks without affecting performance or data storage.

Load Balancing

Load balancing improves reliability for web application layers by configuring two or more servers or databases to respond to requests. If a failure occurs, requests are still completed.

Sudden traffic spikes without adequate scalability cause website and application failure. Pappaya Cloud are experts in scaling platforms effectively and have worked with large companies to scale platforms from a single server to multiple load-balanced web clusters.


Our scaling options help you to scale your platform as your business grows. Our servers can scale up to 192GB RAM and 24 vCPUs with virtually limitless disk space.


We can increase your CPU and memory without needing to reboot your server. It avoids any disruption to the site.


We have the best cloud hardware with powerful resources that out-perform other cloud platforms.


With Reserved Instances you can save custom VM templates in order to rapidly deploy multiple servers.


Add CPU, RAM and disk space at any time, paying only for what you need. Upgrades can be added with zero downtime.


We can load balance web applications over multiple servers to improve performance and fault-tolerance.

Performance is a top priority for our UK cloud hosting platform and vital to our clients who demand super-fast performance. A fast website also improves Google rankings which is essential in maximising profits.

SSD Disk technology

We use Fibre Channel and SSD disk technology for our super-fast cloud. FC disks are connected by fibre optic and provide top performance for our virtual servers.

No CPU ‘Throttling’

Processing power is vital for server speed. CPU allocation is not throttled on VMs, a vCPU is made up of a number of time slots across all of the available cores on the host.

Best Hardware

We user HP, Cisco and Juniper hardware to provide the best performance for our cloud platform.

VMware based

We use VMware (the market leader in server virtualisation). VMware has ‘HA’, ‘vMotion’ and ‘DRS’, which helps to provide the best performance and reliability.

Global Switch

Global Switch is seen as Europe’s best hosting facility. It’s on the UK’s national and international backbones and offers unparalleled connectivity.

Our support services are focused around our ‘extra mile’ culture. Our goal is to go that extra step to assist our valued clients, no matter what the request. We deliver on our promise by providing UK-based Technical Account Managers who know your account inside-out, and thrive on providing a superior support service.

‘Extra Mile’ Support

Customer support is key to everything that we do. Our ‘Extra Mile’ support extends beyond customer support to all areas within Pappaya Cloud.

Untiered Support

Any support call that is made during UK office hours is direct to expert. You’ll be able to speak with our support engineers straight away, saving you valuable time when dealing with any technical issues.

Flexible Support Channels

We offer support services via our web-based ticket system, detailed knowledge base, or calls direct to our engineers.

Free Migration

We include set-up, configuration and migration with all of our cloud platforms. We can also offer advanced cloning technology for migrating complex servers.

UK Based

Pappaya Cloud is 100% UK-based. Every call is answered by Pappaya Cloud, we don’t outsource or use auto-response systems.

24/7/365 Support

Our customer support is available 24/7/365.

Our industry-leading SLA guarantees 99.999% availability of all servers on the Pappaya Cloud as well as extensive cover to data centre Infrastructure. Generous service credits are available should we fall short on our promises.

100% Network Uptime

We ensure 100% network uptime (excluding any scheduled maintenance). We peer with 14 other bandwidth providers to make sure that our network is available at all times.

100% Data Centre Infrastructure Uptime

At our data centre we ensure 100% power and HVAC system availability (excluding any scheduled maintenance).

99.999% Server Uptime

We guarantee 99.999% server availability (excluding scheduled maintenance) on our platform. We invest heavily in hardware architecture to ensure that server outages are virtually impossible. If they were to occur, spares are held at the data centre.

Generous Service Credits

With our SLA there are generous service credits should any issues occur.

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